Employment & Training Program

​​The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society’s Employment

and Training program is a pre-employment, education

and training program for Aboriginal Women. The AMCS

Employment and Training Program supports Aboriginal

Women by helping them gain confidence in their ability

to complete their employment and training goals.

They will learn how to participate in the economy by

attending training seminars and culturally safe and

relevant workshops that are geared towards providing

confidence and gaining success in the job industry. They will gain tools necessary to apply for jobs, complete the interview with confidence and schedule their lives accordingly to their prospective job or education. They will also benefit from one on one meetings with the facilitator throughout the program to tailor supports for their interests and needs. Our sessions and supports have cultural practices incorporated and foster spirituality and identity and we learn together in a culturally safe and enriching environment.

Some of the training workshops will include:

  • How to build a resume

  • How to interview successfully

  • Dress for success

  • Computer skills

  • Life skills

  • Motivational speaker workshops

  • Navigating the job market

  • Back to school supports

  • Practicum placements

  • Supports for specialized programs such as: Food Safe, Serving it Right, First Aid, WHMIS

  • Incentives for completing the program

  • …and more

For more information or to apply please contact:

Melody Young

Employment and Training Facilitator

Ph: 604-558-2627 ext. 7025

Fax: 604-558-2628


Upcoming Workshops

Womens Conflict Resolution Workshop Series

Conflict and anger is natural and normal.

Although we all experience conflict and anger in

our lives, how we deal with it varies greatly from

person to person. Anger can manifest in many

different ways from mild frustration to full-blown

rage and in some cases can lead to acting

impulsively or doing something you are ashamed

of. This is when you need strategies to effectively

express your anger or learn ways to avoid conflict

all together or find a peaceful resolution to conflict.

Often what can cause stress conflict and anger in

women varies differently than men and therefore

it is beneficial to focus on how to manage these

feelings and situations through a female perspective. This workshop series

will teach you how to manage your stress and emotions and how to deal with conflict in a healthy way.

*Please note in order to receive a letter of completion all workshops must be attended*​