Family Wellness Program

The focus is on three main themes: Healthy Living, Parenting Skills, and Traditional Knowledge and integrates each theme into activities.
The Healthy Living component focuses on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and cooking. The Parenting Skills component of the program is modeled on the “Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program,” initiated by the BC Council for Families. It provides a safe place for parents to meet others who have children of the same age and with whom they share interests and concerns. AMCS promotes the benefits of positive child attachment and provide participants with a general understanding of the child development stages.

The Traditional Knowledge component includes medicine wheel teachings, moccasin making, drum making, songs, and Elders’ teachings.

Each week there are anywhere from 5-10 free workshops available for everyone in the community to attend.

Inquires about the Family Wellness Program? Please contact Laura at 604-558-2627