Meet Lisa Henderson, AMCS' Family Wellness Coordinator.

Family Wellness Program

My name is Lisa Henderson and I am the Family Wellness Coordinator with the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society.  The Family Wellness programs are put in place for the Residence of Transformational Housing to enhance their skills and abilities as parents, helping them on their life journeys.  Programs such as parenting workshops, housing and resources workshops, life skills workshops as well as self-care workshops are facilitated throughout the week. Our goal is to give the woman of TH the skills and abilities that they need for when they transition out on their own. We try to implement our programs in a holistic way and encourage culture as much as we can. In the future we would like to further our programs for them to be open to community members, as well as be able to branch out and collaborate with other organizations. If there is other organizations that would like to be more involved or be able to collaborate and work together, or are able to offer any programs or resources that might be suitable for our residence or organization please don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment with me to further discuss possible collaboration.  You can reach me by phone or by email at any time and I will be sure to get back to you. 

Inquires about the Family Wellness Program?

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