About Us

The Aboriginal Mother Centre, dedicated to moving mothers and children at risk off the
streets provides, under one roof, all the support, tools and resources a mother needs to rebuild her health, self esteem
and skills to regain and retain her child. The centre, grounded in a grassroots setting, creates a healing community to nurture children and families to become vital members of their communities.

The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society began in 2002 to address the needs of Aboriginal women. Located in the east end of Vancouver, in a culturally sensitive environment.

After an extensive renovation and expansion, the centre re-opened its doors in December 2011. The 28,000 sq ft expanded multi-purpose facility offers 16 transformational housing suites, a 25 space licensed daycare, commercial kitchen, large dining room, programming and office space, commercial leasing spaces.

This facility provides shelter, support, and programs for women and children so they may make an elusive dream, of healing and family reconnection, into reality and live in a healthy self-sustaining village that supports women, children, and families. With all this under one roof, the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society has the capacity to deliver on-site programming with a traditional Indigenous knowledge centred approach. This approach to spiritual, physical, and emotional health includes counseling, advocacy, education, training, and social support.

Aboriginal Mother Centre Society (AMCS) is a place where Aboriginal mothers, who are facing homelessness and/or dealing with their children in the care of the Ministry, can come to stay. The women can rebuild their sense of self-worth and identity for a better future for themselves and their children. AMCS is a place where they can come to be together as a family. This place would be the best fitting for babies, children, and mothers, anybody who is coming through a block in their life.

Our Board

AMCS Board of Directors
Marjorie White - President Aboriginal Mother Centre Society

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Executive Director

Maura Gowans

Director of operations

Sarah Thomas


Administrative Coordinator

Lanessa Amed-Yousuf

Transformational Housing Manager

Robyn Hansen

Family Wellness coordinator

Sarah Anne Mitchell