Transformational Housing

The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society Transformational Housing Program offers 16 newly renovated suites for mothers and up to three of their children under the age of nine, who are at risk of homelessness or child welfare intervention in Vancouver, BC

Transformational Housing has been running at full capacity ensuring that our Children remain with their Mothers in a Safe and secure environment. Transformational Housing has been actively participating in monthly events at AMCS beginning in September 2017 when they kicked off their Annual Orange Shirt Day. Transformational Housing has been focusing on our Mother’s giving back to our community, each Thursday we encourage our Mother’s to assist with the Elders Program by serving food, cleaning up tables, serving Food Bank Items to our Elders and engaging with our Elders.
This program has been very successful, we have seen our Mother’s build bonds with our Elder’s and we are instilling Cultural Values by having our Mother’s participate in Thursday events. We have also begun our Christmas 2017 Donation request letter campaign, our goal was to reach 100 different Programs/Agencies/Businesses with requests, so far, we are about 25 short of our goal. Transformational Housing would like to thank all volunteers, donators and participants and we look forward to another successful year in 2018.

For more information and a complete application package please email: