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Our centre provides a safe environment to facilitate healing of aboriginal mothers and their families, connecting with culture and building resiliency individually and as a community. 

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The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society Transformational Housing Program offers 16 newly renovated suites for mothers and up to three of their children under the age of nine, who are at risk of homelessness or child welfare intervention in Vancouver, BC


Transformational Housing has been running at full capacity ensuring that our Children remain with their Mothers in a Safe and secure environment.  Transformational Housing has been actively participating in monthly events at AMCS beginning in September 2017 when they kicked off their Annual Orange Shirt Day.  Transformational Housing has been focusing on our Mother’s giving back to our community, each Thursday we encourage our Mother’s to assist with the Elders Program by serving food, cleaning up tables, serving Food Bank Items to our Elders and engaging with our Elders.


This program has been very successful, we have seen our Mother’s build bonds with our Elder’s and we are instilling Cultural Values by having our Mother’s participate in Thursday events.  We have also begun our Christmas 2017 Donation request letter campaign, our goal was to reach 100 different Programs/Agencies/Businesses with requests, so far, we are about 25 short of our goal.  Transformational Housing would like to thank all volunteers, donators and participants.

For more information and a complete application package please email:


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Transformational Housing
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Monday through Friday

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Aboriginal Head Start Program

Our mission is to provide integrated, high-quality, and culturally enriched childcare for Aboriginal children and families. We provide a nurturing, safe, and fun learning environment that reflects the values, interests, and needs of the children, their families, and the community.

Our licensed program focuses on Aboriginal culture, values, tradition, and language, however children of all backgrounds are welcome. Staffed by experienced and qualified Early Childhood Educators, we have a stimulating daily routine that incorporates play-based learning centers, age-appropriate activities to promote healthy development, circle time, and plenty of outdoor play in our brand new sunny playground. Snacks and a hot lunch are provided.

For more information about our program and availability please contact:

Mia Kim
Phone: 604-558-2627 x 116
Fax:     604-558-2628
The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society Daycare is now accepting applications for children aged 3 - 5 years old.

Please be aware, there is a one year waitlist.

It’s never too early to sign your child up on the waitlist! Children do not need to be 3 years old to join the list. To register your child please submit the Waitlist Application via email or fax as above.


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The Family Wellness programs are put in place for the Residence of Transformational Housing to enhance their skills and abilities as parents, helping them on their life journeys.  Programs such as parenting workshops, housing and resources workshops, life skills workshops as well as self-care workshops are facilitated throughout the week. 


Our goal is to give the woman the skills and abilities needed when they transition out on their own. We try to implement our programs in a holistic way and encourage culture as much as we can. 


In the future we would like to further our programs for them to be open to community members, as well as be able to branch out and collaborate with other organizations. 


If there is other organizations that would like to be more involved or be able to collaborate and work together, or are able to offer any programs or resources that might be suitable for our residence or organization please don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment to further discuss possible collaboration.  

For more information on the Family Wellness Program

Please contact us

phone: 604-558-2627 x113

fax: 604-558-2628








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Family Wellness

Community Kitchen

The Aboriginal Mother Centre kitchen provides a safe, warm place for community members to gather and have a sense of belonging.  
The kitchen offers nutritious meals and a sense of community and job training opportunities for the local Aboriginal community members.  The kitchen provides a warm meal but more importantly, it provides a safe, dry place where everyone is welcomed and respected. 
Monday to Friday hot nutritious meals are available for sale to community members for $4.50. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Every Thursday we provide a warm home cooked meal for our elders in the community. 
AMCS Kitchen is always looking for Volunteers!
If you are interested in volunteering please contact us below. 


If you are interested in volunteering please contact us using the form below.

Community Kitchen

Tel: 604-558-2627

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